The largest Yoga Fitness Education Program in North America, YogaFit, is responsible for training thousands of Yoga instructors worldwide.

Experiencing difficulties with their existing system, YogaFit was unable to easily alter and incorporate new information or attributes.  Vast amounts of proprietary code halted their efforts to conduct routine maintenance and restricted access to their data. 


Incorporating best practices
The greatest hindrance impeding business operations was the inability to update their system with new classes, training sessions and offerings.  ICC implemented best practices for coding, database management, and inventory management and created a user-friendly interface for YogaFit administration.  ICC also oversaw the migration of their existing data into the new Orderwave™-integrated system.

Create new portal integrated into Orderwave™
The new portal allowed administrators to create classes, control the maximum class size, view dues and tuition as well as adjust registration fees based upon business rules and time frame. Orderwave™ intuitively selects the appropriate instructor for the class based upon proximity and skill level.Once entered into the portal, an API call pulls information onto the YogaFit website, allowing students to view classes and register.

Financial analysis of classes and conferences
With the new integration, YogaFit is able to access data that had been previously unavailable.  This new insight allows for analysis on whether or not a particular session as profitable. YogaFit is now able to extract additional statistics, such as the number of students attending the class for a second time.

Point Of Sales (POS) program for trade shows
ICC created a POS program to allow for product purchases at training session and conferences.   Upon the completion of the purchase, order information is immediately transmitted into Orderwave™ enabling YogaFit to track sales and inventory through one system.

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