When Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released The Simpsons Season 6 DVD, they chose to package the set in a plastic molded case shaped like Homer’s head.

Although adored by many, the new packaging elicited negative feedback immediately prior to the product’s street date. A group of dedicated Simpson’s fans were unhappy that the molded packaging could not be stored and displayed alongside previous seasons’ standard-sized boxed packaging. To placate the fans, Fox offered a replacement program with an alternative packaging option, enlisting the proven abilities of ICC to plan, execute logistics, and coordinate fulfillment.

Inform consumers of the alternative packaging
Fox‘s fulfillment center included ICC’s Customer Care phone number in each product. ICC set up a digital announcement, playing a recording of Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer) on the number, directing consumers to The Simpsons Season 6 DVD website for information on obtaining the alternative packaging. Consumers could choose to wait for a live representative to assist them or submit their request through the website.

Develop a website to receive the orders
ICC’s Customer Care worked closely with Fox brand managers to develop a site that reflected The Simpson’s style and tone. The end result was a website with a user-friendly interface, easily navigable with linear progressions that facilitated the consumer in placing their replacement request.

Direct the consumer to send a physical check for payment
ICC was able to cut down data-entry costs for Fox by enabling the consumer to enter their contact information into the website and download a dynamically generated barcode PDF to be included with their check payment.

Receive and key-in payment
All checks were directed to to ICC’s P.O. box and retrieved through daily pick-ups. Consumers included their contact information with a barcoded order-number, allowing ICC to open, scan, receive, and easily validate payments without data-entry error. ICC produced daily deposit reports to the client’s bank and coordinated replacement packaging fulfillment to the consumer, once payment cleared.

Keep costs low
Implementing an automated digital announcement for inbound phone calls directing consumers to a website allowed ICC to minimize the number of costly live telephone operators. Utilizing the self-registration form on the website eliminated the need for costly data-entry personnel and errors. Implementing automation to mitigate the large volume of calls with minimal support personnel was the key to successful execution.