ICC participated in the ADTECH technology camp event to educate tomorrow’s IT professionals. Sixty junior high students from the South Bay Area spent a week learning advanced technology from ICC, PALM, HP and Apple at the camp held at Cal State Dominguez Hills in June.

ICC provided computer networking classes where students learned how to build a network using routers, switches, hubs and laptops. By the end of the week each student had learned how to build a network between two laptops both locally and over the Internet. They also were educated in successfully setting up wide area networks and for their final project they had to fix a mis-configured Internet router.

The students were also taught basic skills including use of mobile apps, editing in iMovies on iOS and printer setup. The ADTECH camp was a huge success and ICC continues to support the next generation of techs through continued participation and donation of services to the ADTECH consortium by hosting their website.